Nikon SLR Digital Cameras – D90 and D300

There are quite a lot of Nikon SLR digital cameras in the market that make for worthy investments, and one of these is the Nikon D90. The D90 is one of the Nikon SLR digital cameras that are suitable for casual users and beginners especially if they’re not that concerned about the kit lens. The D90, however, gets plus points for having the brand’s famous intuitive layout and video capabilities.

I was already thinking of getting the D90 even though what I really wanted was the D300, because of its weatherproof features and sturdy magnesium body. In the end, however, I decided that it wasn’t worth shelling out the extra $600 just for a better camera body. The D90 and D300 have the same sensor and ISO capability range. Some reviews on Nikon SLR digital cameras say that the D300 pales in comparison to D90 in terms of noise reduction.

The D90 also has a superb control layout; single button choices are available on the left side of the screen which allow you to easily access image quality, ISO, white balance, and view previous shots. Yes, the D90 has video capabilities, but that’s not why I decided to buy it instead of the D300. Sadly, the video feature fails to meet expectations because of its lack of autofocus and sound. It makes for a good extra feature, but it’s lacking in essential features that would’ve made it a good video camera.

A lot of users like the kit lens that comes with the D90, but I think you can get better zooms from Nikon that falls within the same price range of the D90. The selling price for the 18-105mm Vibration Reduction (VR) is reportedly $400. I got my Nikon 70-300mm VR for around $485, and it has a far better build with a rubber gasket and metal mount. The kit lens that comes with the D90 has no plastic mount and rubber gasket, which makes it feel a bit cheap compared to the 70-300mm VR I bought.

If you’re a casual or average user and all you need is basic lens, then the D90 kit lens would probably do. But if you’re aspiring to go semi-pro or pro, I say you go for the same VR I bought. All in all, the D90 is a great camera even though it does lack in the weather proofing department. I give it a four out of 5 rating.

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