Pingraphy – A Great Social Media Scheduling Tool

If your a social media manager, you know how frustrating it is to have to manually post to Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the largest growing networks online. If you’re wanting to grow your business, you better be using it. I am going to share with you a tool I just recently found to do just that. It will not only make it easier to market Pinterest, but save you tons of time to do what you do best: your service.

Like I said earlier, as a social media manager, Pinterest is one of the top social media networks people are hiring for to manage. But, Pinterest is not an easy platform to manage if your client wants to pin 6 times a day. Each time you want to pin you have to go to do it manually and people just don’t have the time to take every three hours to pin. Now there is a site that does just that. Its called Pingraphy.

Pingraphy is a managing tool for all your Pinterest needs. If your familiar with hootsuite, you know how much time you save out of your day by having everything scheduled. The downfall of hootsuite is you can not link it to Pinterest.

Pingraphy does what hootsuite does but with your pins. Pingraphy will schedule all your pins for the day, week or how every you like, so your not having to hassle with setting up an alarm on your phone every couple of hours to pin to Pinterest. No one has time for this especially because you have to be on a computer to get the best results.

Besides, what if your enjoying some downtime and your reading through articles, and you want to remember to pin it. You don’t want to forget which article you wanted to post so what easier way to schedule for later and forget about it.That’s what Pingraphy does for you. When you are reading an article you can just click the pingraphy bookmark (they provide a link to add to your bookmark) and schedule it for a later time.

This allows you to go about with what your doing and not be spamming everyone’s newsfeed because your pinning every 2 minutes. No one enjoys when your posting everything at once. Spread it out.

Another great thing about Pingraphy is that you can track your pins. For example, you can see how many repins you got from each specific pin. You can also see how many likes and comments each pin gets. This let’s you know what your audience is more interested in, and you can determine what pins to use. And vise versa, you can see what pins did not do so well and be know what not to talk about.

All in all I would definitely recommend this to anyone, who wants to study how their audience or their clients audience reacts to the content.

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