Apple 3G iPhone White – An Astounding Mobile Phone

The Apple 3G iPhone White boasts of designer looks and state of the art features. The user-friendly applications that the Apple 3G iPhone White has on board gel well with the masses and add on to its popularity. That’s not all though for it scores high on usability and adds on to the style statement, making it a rage among the masses. As a matter of fact, it has made the people go gaga over it.

As the name suggests, it is a 3G mobile phone that ensures that the individuals get to relish uninterrupted network coverage even in the remotest of the areas. Scoring high on connectivity, this handset extends support to several new-age technologies. GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA and Wi-Fi are some of the standards that this gadget is compatible with. That’s not all though for it also has on offer, v2.0 USB, along with v2.0 Bluetooth. Both of these technologies help you materialize the process of data transfer with sheer ease. While the former allows you to connect this mobile to a compatible device using a cable, the latter facilitates the same, but in a wireless manner.

In terms of the display, this gizmo provides the users with a beaming view. This is made possible with the help of the TFT capacitive touch screen that it has on board. The screen measures 3.5 inches in size and boasts of a mighty resolution, enumerating to 320×480 pixels. The best part is that it can display up to 16M colors. Utilities galore with this gadget and it has on offer, an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation and a proximity sensor for auto turn-off, among others.

Massive storage is what the Apple 3G iPhone White is known for. It comes equipped with 16GB of storage that provides the users with more than enough space to accommodate a large pool of data. From music to pictures, the individuals can store almost everything. That’s not all though for this handset also has an offer, a capacious phone book. The capability to accommodate unlimited entries and fields is what makes the phone book a class apart.

Those who love to capture photographs and cherish their beautiful moments for lifetime would find this gadget to be of great help. This is because, it has on board, a 2MP camera. The best part is that the snapper works at a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels and provides the users with highly clear pictures. Moreover, the individuals can share these photographs with others, via MMS, which is one of the messaging options that this gadget equips the users with.

This handset supports two more messaging options, viz e-mail and SMS. Therefore, the users have more than enough options to choose from. Nevertheless, the Apple 3G iPhone White is a storehouse full of user-friendly applications. Take for instance, the HTML browser that this device has on offer. It allows the users to browse through their favorite WAP sites with ease. For those who travel to unknown places on a frequent basis, it brings along Google Maps and extends support to A-GPS. The best part is that this gizmo is available with all the leading carriers, including O2, T-Mobile, Virgin, Vodafone, Three and Orange.

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Nikon SLR Digital Cameras – D90 and D300

There are quite a lot of Nikon SLR digital cameras in the market that make for worthy investments, and one of these is the Nikon D90. The D90 is one of the Nikon SLR digital cameras that are suitable for casual users and beginners especially if they’re not that concerned about the kit lens. The D90, however, gets plus points for having the brand’s famous intuitive layout and video capabilities.

I was already thinking of getting the D90 even though what I really wanted was the D300, because of its weatherproof features and sturdy magnesium body. In the end, however, I decided that it wasn’t worth shelling out the extra $600 just for a better camera body. The D90 and D300 have the same sensor and ISO capability range. Some reviews on Nikon SLR digital cameras say that the D300 pales in comparison to D90 in terms of noise reduction.

The D90 also has a superb control layout; single button choices are available on the left side of the screen which allow you to easily access image quality, ISO, white balance, and view previous shots. Yes, the D90 has video capabilities, but that’s not why I decided to buy it instead of the D300. Sadly, the video feature fails to meet expectations because of its lack of autofocus and sound. It makes for a good extra feature, but it’s lacking in essential features that would’ve made it a good video camera.

A lot of users like the kit lens that comes with the D90, but I think you can get better zooms from Nikon that falls within the same price range of the D90. The selling price for the 18-105mm Vibration Reduction (VR) is reportedly $400. I got my Nikon 70-300mm VR for around $485, and it has a far better build with a rubber gasket and metal mount. The kit lens that comes with the D90 has no plastic mount and rubber gasket, which makes it feel a bit cheap compared to the 70-300mm VR I bought.

If you’re a casual or average user and all you need is basic lens, then the D90 kit lens would probably do. But if you’re aspiring to go semi-pro or pro, I say you go for the same VR I bought. All in all, the D90 is a great camera even though it does lack in the weather proofing department. I give it a four out of 5 rating.

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Learning to Use a Computer After 40 – Is it Too Difficult?

I was in my mid-forties before I even turned a computer on for the first time, with help. Within a few months I was using the computer to do all my correspondence, and loving it. A couple of years later, before re-entering the workforce, I took several basic computer courses, keyboarding (to teach me to type faster), Word ( a word processing program), Excel (numbers and spreadsheets), and Access (a data entry program). A couple of years after that, I had my first experience with the Internet and e-mail.

Now in my fifties, between work and personal matters, I often spend several hours a day at my computer. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. When you’re learning basic computer skills, you discover that there isn’t one single difficult thing to learn, from turning the computer on to sending an e-mail, to doing your bookkeeping. Every step is easy. This is why four-year-olds can operate computers. (Whether they should is another matter altogether.) The hard part is remembering the dozens, even hundreds of easy steps. It can be incredibly overwhelming. That’s where good notes come in. Or “Computers for Beginners” types of books. Because no one can remember all the steps, not at first.

2. On the computer, there are always several ways of doing everything, whether it’s opening a document, or bolding a sentence, or saving a file. Plus, almost everything on the computer can be done either with the mouse or by various combinations on the keyboard. Again, overwhelming! I finally decided to spare my brain and keep it simple. I picked one way of doing each thing, and gave myself permission to forget all the other ways. What a relief!

3. If you have a computer at home, you MUST have someone you can call to assist you with the hard problems, like security programs, viruses, or any one of the hundreds of malfunctions and error messages that are sure to pop up. You could call your computer’s manufacturer… if you’re happy to sit on hold on the phone for long enough to cook a large turkey. Most of us aren’t. So you need your own personal IT department. If you aren’t fortunate enough to be married to a computer geek, as I am, perhaps you can call a friend. Or one of your children. Or grandchildren. Or anyone under 20. Be nice to them – at first you’ll need them a lot!

So don’t be intimidated. Learning to use a computer takes time and patience, but it isn’t hard, and you’ll never regret it. Your new challenge will be keeping yourself off it long enough to get anything else done!

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Essential Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Requirements in a Small Business

DIY; I hate it. I have a vision in my mind of how the process will run, but when I lift the screwdriver or hammer, what ‘actually’ happens is far removed from my plan and usually results in a bodge-job. It sort of works, but not how I’d like and only I know how to press this, to release that to open the other.

Interestingly, there are many business owners that take a similar approach when it comes to IT and have a vision in their head of how they want it to work. Blessed with great business instinct, but no IT skills, they find themselves in an office with IT that sort of works but only they know how to get email, open the database or print documents due to the way it was setup… as it’s a little [coughs] ‘non-standard’

An Example

I recently met a new prospect who had IT in their office which was similar to this situation. The story is, to my ears anyway, shockingly familiar. They had ‘Cloud Storage’ for files, they had email on their phones / laptops and they had the ability to work from home. But all of these were, in my opinion, a little disjointed and not setup in a standard way.

Existing Systems

Take for example the Cloud Storage. It was using a system that, when they pressed Save on the PC for a large graphical file, it was taking up to 10mins to appear for anyone else to use. Think of all the time wasted by the business waiting for shared files, and the effect on business.

Also, the email system they had was POP Mail and so it downloaded email to the phone but also the same email to the Laptop. Neither talked to each other and so after a day of managing your email on the phone you would return to the same email’s on the Laptop that needed sorting too!

The Light-bulb Moment

The key was that the client understood getting this all sorted and saving their management time was important to their business success. So after some discussions on what they needed and how we could help them achieve the goal, a plan was agreed. Interestingly the ‘killer moment’ was when I said we had a solution that allowed a sync’d version of Outlook to be on the phone and they realised that Calendar appointments would show on both the phone and Laptop. It’s interesting isn’t it that sometimes just the smallest thing can tip a discussion.

All of this was 6 weeks ago and after some careful planning and deployment the client has the same email account on the phone and laptop so everything they read, reply and delete on the phone during the day is matched on the Laptop when they return; a different Cloud Based file storage solution that’s instant and does not take 10mins to sync; enhanced security and an audit trail on documents. Most importantly they spend zero time on the IT in their business and trust us to carry out anything requested.

Don’t DIY

Well, the moral of the story is clear. Last month I looked out at my front driveway and the small overgrown rock garden in the corner and thought “that needs sorting”. However, although I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like, I got a local gardener to pop round and the result was exactly what I had in my head. Perhaps next time you have some thoughts on what you want your IT to be like, you might consider ‘getting a man (or woman) in’?

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